The Gods

The gods of Ithel rarely intervene in person, preferring to grant divine power to mortal servants or act through their Archons, powerful demigods who are able to wield the powers of some of their patrons divine portfolio.

Bahamet, God of Justice, Order, and Metallic Dragons. LG
Eldath, Goddess of Peace. LG
Helm, God of Protection. NG
Ilmater, God of Endurance. LG
Moradin, God of the Dwarves and Creation. LG
Torm, God of Courage and Battle. LG
Tymora, Goddess of Good Fortune and the Elves. CG
Tyr, God of Justice and Honor. LG

Bane, God of Tyrany. LE
Bhaal, God of Murder. NE
Cyric, God of Lies. CE
Myrkul, God of Undeath. NE
Sargonnas, God of Vengeance, War, and Minotaurs. LE
Tempus. God of Storms. NE
Tiamat, Goddess of Conquest and Chromatic Dragons. LE
Umberlee, Goddess of the Sea. LE

Branchala, God of Music and the Arts. CN
Chauntia, Goddess of Agriculture. TN
Gand, God of Crafting and the Gnomes. TN
Kelemvor, God of Death. LN
Mielikki, Goddess of Nature. TN
Mystra, Goddess of Magic. LN
Oghma, God of Knowledge. TN
Waukeen, Goddess of Trade. TN

The Gods

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