Principality of Rimmini

The Rimmini spent much of their history as a scattered and independent people, very similar to the Ouesterlands. The Rimmini people are descended from Skraeling tribes called the Artii who migrated south after the fall of the Dragon Empire and conquered the pastoral people living in the current Rimmini lands. The two cultures gradually assimilated crating a cosmopolitan civilization quite different from either of the two original civilizations. Most of the current Principality was ruled by independent princes who were unified under the Grimaldi Princes of Rimmini in a series of wars fought between 998-1071 AF. Vittero Grimaldi was crowned the first Grand Prince of Rimmini in 1073 AF in the city of Rimmini, formally creating a single, unified state.

The Rimmini are a cosmopolitan people, living mainly in small farm holds or large, coastal cities. Their lands are among the most fertile in the world and their farms and plantations feed much of The West. Their culture is also deeply rooted in trade and Rimmini merchants are notorious for being shrewd and vicious businessmen. Waukeen is the primary goddess of Rimmini, but Branchala, Chauntia, and Gand are often venerated as well. Eldath and Helm have large followings as well.

The Grimaldi family have ruled the city of Rimmini since 567 AF and as the Grand Princes of all Rimmini since 1072. The current Grand Prince is Cosomo III, who is childless. His sister Isabella is his heir. The Grimaldi family is large and prosperous and many members of cadet branches rule cities of their own or are wealthy merchants. Cosomo III is one of the Leading members of the Alliance that defeated The Seven and hopes to expand the power of Rimmini for this action.

Social Structure
Like the Ouesterlands, their are no slaves or serfs in Rimmini, but their is definitely a peasant class. Most of the wealth is tied up in the merchants and the nobles. Nobility is hereditary but heavily ties to wealth and many Rimmini nobles own large estates and plantations. The merchant class is heavily interwoven with the noble class, with many nobles acting as merchants as well.

Principality of Rimmini

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