Kingdom of Vybreze

Like Rimmini, the Vybrezan civilization is an amalgamation of Skraeling tribes who migrated from the north after the fall of the Dragon Empire and the tribes living in the area. Vybreze unified much earlier then Rimmini though, and Vybreze was formally founded in 244 when the Prince of Damsk, Cyprian Kujawa was crowned king. Under the early Kujawa kings, Vybreze expanded both north and south, conquering large sections of the Ouesterlands and much of the Heimo tribal lands, encompassing an are almost three times the size of the current kingdom. However, a long war with Touran in the early 700’s as well as a series of bad harvests and peasant revolts sent the kingdom into a downward spiral called the Time of Troubles. The Heimo lands conquered by Vybreze broke away in a large revolt in 799 and formed the Kingdom of Sasmauka and most of the Ouster cities controlled by Vybreze broke away in the intervening years. The collapse was only halted when a group of nobles allied with the Church of Bane overthrew the Kujawa dynasty and placed the Orkan family on the throne. The Church of Bane and the Kingdom have remained closely tied ever since.

Vybrezan culture is oppressive, dark, and feudal, heavily influenced by the power the Church of Bane wields and a national obsession with holding on to past glories. The Vybrezans tend to be a somber people, either cold and quite nobles who worship Bane or tired downtrodden serfs. The main religion in Vybreze is the worship of Bane in his domains of order and control, though Helm, Torm, and Tyr are venerated as well.

The Orkan dynasty has ruled Vybreze since the Time of Troubles and maintains close ties to the Church of Bane. It is tradition for second and third sons of the family to enter the priesthood and many Orkan’s have served as the High Priests of Bane over the years. The current king, Aleksandr III Orkan, supported the Seven in the Great Western War, hoping to profit from their victory. He fears reprisal from the Alliance for his support.

Social Structure
The wealthy nobles that own most of the land make up a very small percentage of the population. While slavery is technically illegal, the serfs who work the land are bound to the nobles they work for and have no rights or protections. The merchant class is almost nonexistent, with most trade carried out by the noble families themselves or trusted servants.

Kingdom of Vybreze

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