“The Company only keeps two things: its history and its word. As long as you keep those, The Company will always survive.” Those were the last words spoken by Captain Nelius as he sent you away with the annuls and prepared to make his final stand alongside his employer. 2683 brothers and sisters of the Company perished alongside Nelius the Neveryeild as they stood by Jasper Le Font, last of the Seven. Long gone by the time the battle had ended, heading east with a small cart and a single mule, you are all that remains of the once-proud Company. (insert number here) Brothers (and Sisters) of the Company, battle hardened veterans all, without a captain, a contract, or a base to operate from. It has been three weeks since the Seven’s dream was shattered at the gates of Bastia, and you sit around a table in the Glad Duchess Tavern in Fool’s Rush discussing the future. The Annuls are clear on what to do: Elect a captain, make some money, recruit, keep on fighting.

The Company